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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweater Weather

So one reason I like fall is because I can pull out my sweaters again! I love sweaters. I just feel so cozy in them. Here are some really cute sweaters I found online.
Banana Republic Petite textured rosette cardigan
Love this cardigan from Banana Republic. If only they had it for like half price.

These next two sweaters are from Old Navy.
I love sweaters with zippers. Not really sure why.

Gotta have argyle. Love it!

I love this cardigan! (and the skirt!)

<>  <>
I think this sweater dress is super cute, and the best part? It's only $9.95!

I don't usually shop at Forever 21, and I'm not really a pink person, but I do think this cardigan is really cute! Maybe it's just because I like cardigans... and polka dots...

Hehe... sheep sweater...
Now I want to go shopping. :o) If only I had more money...


  1. Love these! Especially the sheep sweater...

    I got a super cute sweater at the Limited a few months ago. You can see it here: http://www.thelimited.com/detail/charming-contrast-cardigan/5848394 It's super preppy and I love it!

    Oh, and Kristal had on the most adorable sweater yesterday. I guess it was from Christopher & Banks (an old lady store) and she said she doesn't usually shop there, but she saw it in the window and bought it.

  2. Ooo I love that sweater! It is super cute!

  3. WHERE DID YOU FIND THE SHEEP SWEATER?! i have been looking for it for months!!!