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I am from Sheboygan, WI and recently moved to Darien with my boyfriend. I graduated college with a degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy and found myself not knowing what I want to do with my life. I have a lot of interests and need to work to narrow it down in order to find my true passion.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leggings ≠ Pants

I've been wanting to post this for a while and just haven't gotten around to it, so here it is.

Leggings are not a substitute for pants. They should be considered a substitute for tights. In other words, cover your butt when wearing leggings.

I've seen so many people the past few months wearing leggings with a regular shirt that doesn't even go past their hips. I'm sorry but a majority of people are not in the best shape to be wearing something that tight without something else over it. It is so unflattering! Yes, leggings may make your legs look nice, however did you ever turn around and look at your butt in them? How about walking and looking back in the mirror to see what it looks like? Most of the time, it is not pretty. Leggings are thin and do not hold things in place like most pants do. Instead, you get a jiggly mess where you can see every movement and everly last bump and all the cellulite... ugh. Here's a few examples:


Yes, they are extreme examples from www.peopleofwalmart.com and they are leggings in terrible colors, however I think they get my point across. And really no matter what your size, cover your tush when wearing leggings. It's the decent thing to do. Leggings can be really cute when worn in the right way, like with a tunic shirt or long sweater. Just please, for the sake of people walking behind you, cover up!

My Favorite Christmas Song Medley

In honor of Christmas being just over a month away, here is one of my favorite Christmas song medleys. Enjoy! :o)

12 Days of Christmas- Straight No Chaser